Helmstedter Partnerschaftsverein

Community of Helmstedt

Dear visitor,

since many years the members of our Twinning Society have made it their task to walk warm hearted towards friends from our twin towns without prejudice. I appreciate this commitment very much. Twinnings offer the chance to learn more about the daily life in other countries, to talk to each other and exchange experience. Getting to know each other better is the original idea of which Helmstedt’s Twinning Society sees itself being carried.

„Hospitality is the art to convey visitors the feeling they were at home while oneself wish they were.“ (Gerald Drews, German journalist)

The relations to our twin towns are lived by numerous visits and contacts. A very essential part of the regular relations are the frequent school exchanges. This is the right way to establish friendly relations, to maintain them and to deepen them sustainably. It will be our children and juveniles who  create our future and who are called to overcome borders finally, also the borders in our heads, to drive Europe’s unification further forward.  

Our twinnings have taught us tolerance, have reduced prejudices and have enabled us to look into the ways of life of our partners, have brought us nearer the countries and their people and have enriched us with experiences. My thank is extended to both the committee and the members of Helmstedt’s Twinning Society as well as to the  numerous host families who make  our guests „a home“ in Helmstedt. Pointing to the future I wish that the valuable good of friendship and mutual interrelation will be kept.

Your Wittich Schobert
Mayor of  Helmstedt