Helmstedter Partnerschaftsverein

Vitré (France)

On 28th September 1978 the council of Helmstedt passed a resolution for a twinning to Vitré, on 22nd October 1978 it was founded in Helmstedt. On 7th April 1979 both towns certified the twinning with a new document in Vitré.

Already from 1945 Helmstedt had been border town, from which the west Allied Forces preserved the connection to Berlin and the east of Europe via both, the motorway border crossing point Alpha and railway border crossing point. By diverse contacts between the Allied and Helmstedt’s people an open and trustful relationship among each other had developed. Helmstedt’s schools associated early to schools in Vitré with considerable interest.


Vitré is also called the Gate to Brittany and is situated in the neighbourhood to Normandy in the department Ille-et Vilaine in Brittany. In Breton it is named Gwitreg.

Tourist attractions

The town with it’s18.000 inhabitants doesn’t only have a medieval air, but also keeps up it’s tradition in many museums worth to see. The old houses are maintained and renovated with lots of loving care. Vitré and it’s all surroundings have many historical castles and palaces. The towns in Britanny stand out for their hospitality and warmth towards tourists from all over the world.  

The Channel’s coast is quickly reached and one can enjoy many destinations for outings, by name St. Malo, Mont St. Michel, Dinard, Dinan, Fougeres, Rennes, St. Brieuc etc. with their maritime air.


Regional importance

Until 18th century Vitré was shaped by agriculture and it’s aristocratic families, who had a formative influence on the country. The station, which was finished in 1855, made Vitré a garrison town.


The 20th century gave Vitré an economic upturn by both, housing construction and establishment of big companies in the fields of agriculture, textiles, shoes, fine chemicals and big supermarkets.

By construction of new districts Vitré has grown in area as well as in number of people during the last 20 years. By that it has turned into an industrial town with approximately 12.000 employees. Vitré is also a major site for schools. Three grammar schools maintain a school twinning to schools in Helmstedt.

Chronology of the twinning

There are group visits taking place in yearly turns by our Twinning Society. Sport-, singing- and other cultural groups are arranged and promoted by us. The exchange of trainees and students has been sustained since the beginning of the twinning. Many activities are taking place on family base.


Responsible for Mondeville and Vitré

Monika Bartels-Röker
Schweriner Str. 23
38350 Helmstedt
Tel. 05351/399681