Helmstedter Partnerschaftsverein

Discover and experience the world

Twinnings represent an unique (inter-) cultural enrichment for the citizens of our little town. Through the considerable exchange between twin towns, interested citizens of Helmstedt and it’s surroundings have the outstanding possibility to get and maintain openmindedness.

People who don’t dare to travel to foreign countries on their own at first are always welcome to join visitor groups in the frame of twin town exchange under knowledable guidance. Not seldomly the cornerstone for further interest or learning  a foreign language is set this way.

As most of the twinnings are to our European neighbours, especially many multi-layered points of departure develop to understand European matters in context.


Vitré (Frankreich)
Chard (England)
Albuquerque (USA)
Fiuggi (Italien)
Haldensleben (Deutschland)
Swetlogorsk (Weißrussland)
Orastie (Rumänien)
Mondeville (Frankreich)
Northam (England)