Helmstedter Partnerschaftsverein

Fiuggi (Italy)

More than 25 years ago, on 11th October 1986, municiple representatives signed the certificate of the fourth twinning to the Italian Fiuggi. By this Helmstedt has found a twin town very well worth to see near the cultural and political center of Italy, the eternal city of Rome.

Regional importance

Fiuggi is located approximately 65 km south-east of Rome and ca. 170 km north of Naples, ca. 600 to 750 m of altitude within the hilly landscape named Ciociaria.

Fiuggi is a village with 9855 inhabitants (as at 31st December 2011) in the province Frosinone in the Italian region of Latium. In the year 1911 the village became spa town through the Bonifatius medicinal spring. Beside the healing water Fiuggi is also famous for its wine growing. Neighbouring communities are Acuto, Ferentino, Guarcino, Piglio, Torre Cajetani, Trevi nel Lazio and Trivigliano.

Fiuggi is happy about its high degree of popularity, that comes from its healing water and its thermal springs „Bonifacio VIII“ and „Anticolana“. Nearly 200 hotels are waiting to welcome their guests, who are offered many cultural, historical and touristical places of interest in Fiuggi as well as in the beautiful surroundings.

Due to this special importance there is a direct bus connection to Rome, that can be used at only 12,00 € for a day ticket.

Chronology of this twinning

The twinning was signed in Fiuggi in 1986 and in Helmstedt in 1987. All the majors, who governed in both towns since these days promoted and highlighted the good social and municipal connections, that have led to a lively twinning within these years.

Also the school partnerships between the Giordano-Bruno-Gesamtschule Helmstedt and the Scuola Media Statale di Fiuggi, as well between the Gymnasium am Bötschenberg („GaBö“) Helmstedt and the Liceo Scientifico Fiuggi generated numerous friendships, that let Europe grow together.

Every year numerous Fiuggini and Helmstedters visit each other. The group travels offered by the twinning organisation (HPV) are also used with pleasure therefore. Up to now beside Rome touristical highlights from Amalfi-Coast to Florence have been visited. To be mentioned are for example Amalfi, Sorrent, Pompeii, Naples, Herculaneum, Capri, Monte Casino, Fumone, Anagni, Arezzo and Florence.

Worth knowing

Alioska Baccarini is the current major of Fiuggi.

He is assisted by numerous organizers and helpers, who managed to bring nice meetings and school exchanges between Fiuggini and Helmstedt citizens alive within the last years.

Here are Rita and Barbara Nardi for the citizens and Annamari Incocciat fort he schools to be mentioned.

Beauftragter für Fiuggi

Thomas Wendt
Zum Stüh 11
38350 Helmstedt